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Latin II

Cambridge Latin Course (Unit 2): Stage 13 Vocabulary

Linguam LatinamEnglish
advenio to arrive
aedificium building
aeger: aegrum sick, ill
alter: alterum the other, the second
canto to sing
ceteri the others, the rest
coniuratio to plot
custos: custodem guard
decido to fall down
dico to say
excito to wake up
fessus tired
horreum barn
interficio to kill
ita vero yes
nolo to not want, to refuse
novus new
nullus not any, no
numero to count
ordo: ordinem row
possum can, to be able to
retineo to keep
ruo to rush
se himself, herself, themselves
sum, esse, fui to be
traho to drag
vita life
volo to want
vulnero to wound
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