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ChinesePod: C1679

ChinesePod: Intermediate, Mending Clothing

xiū to mend, to repair
jiàn [measure word for pieces of clothing]
diào to fall off
扣子 kòuzi button
dìng to sew on
完全 wánquán completely
难找 nán zhǎo to be difficult to find
tiáo [measure word for pants]
拉链 lāliàn zipper
huàn to exchange
衬衣 chènyī shirt
袖子 xiùzi sleeve
破了 pò le to rip, to break
dòng hole
to patch
倒是 dàoshì actually, on the contrary
gǎi to change
duǎn short
liáng to measure
尺寸 chǐcùn measurements
出现 chūxiàn to appear, to arise
具体 jùtǐ exact, specific
解决 jiějué to solve
补丁 bǔdīng patch
黑洞 hēidòng black hole
裁缝 cáiféng tailor
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