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SLP Verb 1


please do…
to ask
to call/yell
to thank
to love
to have/there is
to learn
to go to, to attend, to climb, to get on
上学 to go to school/going to school
上课 to attend classes/attending classes
上班 to go to work/going to work
上街 to go shopping/shopping
上车 to get on a vehicle/getting on a vehicle
上山 to climb mountain/climbing mountain
上楼 to go upstairs/going upstairs
上网 get on the Internet
to get down/off
下课 to get out the class
下班 to get off from work
下车 to get off a vehicle
下山 to come down the mountain
下楼 to get down the stairs
放学 to get out of school
喜欢 to like
……the most
最不 …… the least
讨厌 to dislike (also an Adj. annoying )
真的 real / really
真的吗? Really?
can, may, capable, able to
常常/经常 often
总是 always
可以 can, many, possible, able to
can/know how to, will
to think, to want to
怎么 how / what
to want, to need to,is going to
不要 DON’T
想要 want to
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