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Weather CH 06

The greatest amount of latent heat is absorbed from the environment when ice changes directly to vapor.
As an aircraft ascends within the troposphere, the external None of the above is correct.
Clouds are ______ to develop if a radiosonde sounding indicates unstable air. more likely
Air mass advection ______ change the relative humidity. can
If the temperature of an unsaturated (clear) air parcel does not change while its mixing ratio increases, the density of the parcel ______. decreases
A relatively warm surface tends to ______ the overlying air. destabilize
As the temperature of a saturated (cloudy) air parcel falls, its relative humidity ______. does not change
All of the following soundings (temperature profiles) always indicate stable atmospheric conditions with the exception of a drop of temperature with altitude.
The saturation vapor pressure ______ with rising air temperature. increases
______, annual precipitation is greater than annual evapotranspiration. On the continents
Sublimation is to deposition as evaporation is to ______. condensation
If the mixing ratio of a parcel of air is 6 grams per kilogram and the relative humidity is 25 percent, the saturation mixing ratio is ______ grams per kilogram. None of these is correct.
In an isothermal temperature profile, the air temperature does not change with altitude.
Evaporation is to condensation as deposition is to ______. sublimation
A lapse rate of ______ Celsius degrees per 1000 meters is stable for clear air and unstable for cloudy air. 7
If a saturated (cloudy) air parcel is heated (say by absorption of radiation), its relative humidity ______. decreases
If the air temperature drops with altitude such that the actual lapse rate (sounding) is 7 Fahrenheit degrees per 1000 feet, the air layer is ______ for saturated (cloudy) air parcels and ______ for unsaturated (clear) air parcels. unstable...............unstable
______ air tends to suppress convection. Stable
Cumulus clouds are more likely to form over vegetated land surface in summer.
As a clear parcel of air ascends dry adiabatically, All of the above are correct.
The maximum pressure that water vapor molecules could exert if the air were saturated is called the saturation vapor pressure.
Conditional stability indicates that an air layer is unstable for cloudy and stable for clear air parcels.
Two equal volumes of air at the same temperature and pressure have different amounts of water vapor in them. The air parcel with the higher relative humidity will contain the same number of molecules as the other parcel.
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