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Microorganisms Very small organisms
Kingdoms The way scientists divide the organisms they identify into groups
Binary Fission A form of asexual reproduction by which some single celled organisms reproduce
Bacteria The simplest kind of life known on Earth
Archaea Single celled organisms that can survive in the largest range of environments
Producers Bacteria that transform energy from sunlight into energy that can be used by cells
Decomposers Get energy by breaking down materials in dead or decaying organisms
Parasites An organism that absorbs nutrients from the body of another organism
Virus Has genetic material enclosed in a protein shell
Host cell The cells that viruses infect in order to make copies
Algae It applies to both multicellular protists and single celled protists that use sunlight as the energy source
Plankton All organisms that drift in water
Protozoa Protists that eat other organisms or decaying parts of other organisms are animal like protistss
Protist Include all organisms with cells having nuclei and not belonging to the animal pplant or fungi kingdoms
Kelp Is seaweed that can grow 100 meters long
Diatoms Single celled algae that float in water covered by hard shells
Euglena Single celled orgainsms that move like animals, get energy from sunlight
Volvox Are microscopic colonies of nearly identical cells
Chlolophyll Green pigmet that they use to capture sun energy
Bacteriophage One of the best studied viruses that infects bacteria
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