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bushong ch6

ch 6 bushong

Name the 3 parts of the X-ray system. x-ray tube, console, high voltage generator
How many windings does the autotransformer have? 1 winding
What provides electrons for the x-ray tube current? the filament circuit
Where is a step down transformer located? filament circuit
What does diodes do? allows electrons to flow from cathode to anode
what is the most accurate type of timer? electronic
What is the first component to receive power in the x-ray tube? autotransformer
What corrects the varying voltage input to the x-ray machine? line voltage compensator
Electric circuits that connect the meter and controls on the operating console are _______ voltage? low
What are the 3 parts of the high voltage generator? high voltage transformer, filament transformer, rectifiers
What is the release of electrons from the filament? thermonic emissions
What does the release of electrons from the filament determine????? The milliamperage across the x-ray tube
This provides the highest safe tube current for the shortest exposure? mAs timer
How much does the step up transformer increase the voltage? 500-1000 times
What is the purpose of the AEC? to terminate the exposure when enough radiation has reached the IR
What is the only difference between the primary and the secondary side of the high voltage transformer? the amplitude
When a cloud of electrons gather around a heated filament? space charge effect
What is rectification? process of converting AC to DC
What are the components of the rectifiers made up of? solid state semiconductors
In half wave rectification, when are the electrons allowed to flow? The positive cycle
In full wave rectification, what occurs to the negative cycle of the wave form? its reversed so that the anode is always positive
How many pulses does a rectified full wave machine put out/sec? 120 pulses/sec
How many pulses does a rectified full wave 3 phase maching put out/sec? 360 pulses/sec
The voltage applied across the x-ray tube is most constant with _________________. high frequency generators
What type of generator does a mommography unit and a spiral CT unit operate on? high frequency generator
What is the ripple amount for a single phase machine? 100 %
What is the ripple amount for a three phase 6 pulse machine? 14%
What is the ripple amount for a three phase 12 pulse machine? 4%
What is the ripple amount for a high frequency generator machine? 1%
What is the most efficient method of x-ray production? high frequency generators
Whats one main disadvantage of 3 phase power? very costly
The x-ray generator with the highest power rating has the lowest what? ripple
What is the formula for calculating high voltage generators? Power= Max tube current(mA) @ 100 kVp and 100 ms
What is the x-ray generator with the lowest power rating? single phase
Created by: radgirl37 on 2011-02-17

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