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Henle I - Vocab Lesson 3

lex, legis law
rex, regis king
dux, ducis leader
lux, lucis light
homo, hominis man
imperator, imperatoris commander in chief, general
veritas, veritatis truth
Caesar, Caesaris Caesar
salus, salutis safety, welfare, salvation
vox, vocis voice, cry
audivit he, she, it heard
virtus, virtutis courage, virtue
miles, militis soldier
pax, pacis peace
via, ae road, way
populus, i people, nation
muniverunt they fortified, they constructed
pars, partis part
collis, collis, m. hill
hostis, hostis enemy (in war)
gens, gentis tribe
caedes, caedis slaughter
frater, fratris (fratrum) brother
pater, patris (patrum) father
mater, matris (matrum) mother
mons, montis, m. mountain
clamor, clamoris shouting, shout
princeps, principis chief, leading man
occiderunt they killed
flumen, fluminis river
iter, itineris, n. journey, march, route
corpus, corporis, n. body
vulnus, vulneris, n. wound
agmen, agminis column (of soldiers), army (on the march)
nomen, nominis name
mundus, i world
erat he, she, it was
erant they were
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