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science ch. 6


Stress Something that happens when presser is put on something
Tension When press builds up
Compression Squeezes the rock
Shearing Two rocks sliding pass each other
Normal fault Rock at an angle
Hanging wall The rock that lies above the fault
Footwall The rocks that lie below the hanging wall
Reverse fault Rocks that push together
Strike - slip fault Plats move past each other
Anticline A fold rock that bends upward
Syncline A fold rock that bends downward
Plateau Large area of flat land.
Earthquake When the ground shakes valiantly
Focus The area under stress
Epicenter Where the quake started
P wave The first wave to come
S wave The next one to come
Surface wave P & s waves come to the surfaces
Mercalli scale The way to rate quakes
Magnitude How bad the quake was
Richter scale The scale that measures quakes
Seismograph How seismic wavers are measured
Moment magnitude scale A system that estimates how big a quake will be
Seismogram Records seismic waves
Friction When two things rub each other
Liquefaction Ground becomes a liquid
Aftershock What happens after a quake
Tsunami Water moved by a quake
Base-isolated building Things used to make buildings safe in a quake
Created by: Science01 on 2010-11-17

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