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Models & Designs

"5th Grade - Models & Designs - Terms & Definitions"

Black Box Any system that cannot be directly observed and easily understood.
Model A representation that explains how something is built or how it works.
Siphon A tube that moves liquid out of a container by gravity, provided the outflow end is lower than the intake end.
Conceptual Models Explanations that are expressed in drawings, words, or mathematics.
Physical Model A three-dimensional construction designed to explain or represent how something works.
Collaborate Sharing ideas and solutions.
Circuit An unbroken pathway along which electricity flows.
Switch Device capable of connecting and disconnecting a circuit.
Design The way something is put together.
Engineer Uses scientific knowledge to design useful things.
Axle The rod that connects to the wheels so that they turn together.
Bearing Other parts of a device revolve or rotate on this part.
Friction The resistance to movement on surfaces that touch.
Hub The center part of the wheel that is fastened to the axle.
Traction The kind of friction that allows wheels to turn without slipping on a surface.
Wheel The disk that turns on a central axis
Technology The enterprise of using science to develop objects, machines, and materials that are of use to society.
Variable Anything you can change in a design that might affect performance of the product.
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