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Magnets & Motors

5th Grade Science vocabulary

analyze to study something by breaking it down into simpler parts
attract to draw toward something
compass a device that determines the presence of a magnetic field and its direction
weight a measurement of how heavy something is
conclusion a decision that is based on observations or on a study of data
controlled experiment a scientific investigation in which one variable is changed and all the others are kept the same
result an effect, something produced by a cause
data information, it can be gathered during an experiment
electric circuit a system that connects electrical components so that they will operate
electromagnet an iron core that is surrounded by a coil of insulated wire. When an electric current passes through the coil, the core becomes magnetic.
experiment a procedure that is carried out to investigate a scientific question
hypothesis a prediction about how something works or how two variables are related
procedure a set of steps that explains how to do something
repel to push away, the opposite of attract.
electric current the flow of electricity through something
magnet an object made of iron, nickel, or cobalt, or a combination of these materials, and that has the ability to attract or repel other magnetic materials
variable an element in an experiment that can be changed
Created by: Mrs. Zona