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Hip & pelvis muscles

attachments for muscles

coccygeus ischial spine/sacrospinous ligament - coccyx/lower sacrum
levator ani pubis/ischial spine - coccyx/rectum/levator ani
iliopsoas T12-L5/intervertebral discs & iliac fossa - lesser trochanter
tensor fascia latae (TFL) ASIS/anterior iliace crest - IT band
sartorius ASIS - superior medial tibia (pes anserine)
pectinius superior ramus - pectineal line (anterior
adductor longus pubis - linea aspera
adductor brevis pubis/inferior ramus - pectineal line/linea aspera
adductor magnus ischial tuberosity/inferior ramus - linea aspera/adductor tubercle
gracilis pubis/inferior ramus - superior medial tibia (pes anserine)
gluteus maximus sacrum/ilium - IT band/gluteal tuberosity
gluteus medius lateral ilium - greater trochanter
gluteus minimus anterior ilium - greater trochanter
piriformis sacrum - greater trochanter (gtr sciatic notch)
obturator externus obturator foramen - trochanteric fossa
obturator internus obturator foramen - greater trochanter
superior/inferior gemelli ischial spine/tuberosity - greater trochanter
quadratus femoris ischial tuberosity - intertrochanteric crest (posterior)
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