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the odyssey places

ciccones they get attacked and all ships nut like 10 are destroyed
land of the lotus eaters men get addicted to lotus; odyesseus straps them to the ship and sails away
land of the cyclopes ment ry to stel stuff from cyclopes; cyclopes traps men and eats 2; odyseus tells cylcopes theres no other men and his name is nohbody; men stab cylcopes's eye and leave; odyseus acidently reveals name; cylopes makes sure odyssues has a long journey
aelous's island aelous gives odyseus a bag of winds to help him get home
land of the lestrygonians a race of canabials destroys all the ships except the one odyseus is in
circes island circes transforms the men into swine and tells odyseus to go to underworld; when he comes back she warns him about cattle and 3 obstacles
the underworld tiresias tells odyseuss about what will happen when he gets home and what he needs to do 1 return on strange ship 2 come back to trouble 3 men will be killed 1 kill suitors 2 make a sacrafice to posiden
sirens odyeseus tells men to tie him to a post so he can jump off boat and covors thier ears with wax so only he can hear the song and tells them not to let him down no matter what
scylla and charybdis scylla eats 6 men and the chirl pools spit out the ship
land of lord helios' cattle odyseus tells the men to leave the cattle alone and when they get to the islan dthey listen but theyre there for a long time and start to run out of food and while odysseus is asleep eurylochus convinces men to eat cattle and gets all of the men killed
calypso's island calyypso holds odyseus hostage
ithica athena disgueses odyseus as a pesant he tells his son who he is and reunites but keeps it a secret from everyone else, sees his old dog, sees wife, kills suitors, convinces wife he is odyseus, reunited family
Created by: Ashley Maselli Ashley Maselli on 2010-11-02

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