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Maps, Place, Regions

IMMS Geography Stuff

What do you need to measure distances on a map? A scale
What kind of map would you use to get around Disney World? A Special Purpose Map.
A map of Citizen's Bank Park or the Cherry Hill mall is this kind of map. A Special Purpose map.
What kind of map shows you physical features? A physical map
This map shows boundaries, major cities, and other man made features A political map.
What do you look for to determine which way is north on a map? A compass rose.
What kind of map is the best representation of the Earth? A Globe.
What is wrong with a Mercator Projection map? It distorts sizes at the extreme north and south.
This kind of region is based on what you think of it. It can change among people. Perceptual Region.
This kind of region has a focal point or center that provides news, sports, information, or a transportation network that keeps it together. Functional Region.
This kind of region is a combination of similar cultural and/ or physical features that is common throughout the area. Formal Region.
Looking at a map, there are lots of things on it. where do you go to figure out what those symbols means? The key or legend.
Looking at a map of something, what do I need to know specifically what I am looking at? A Title.
Created by: rudmanj