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Abash V. To make ashamed; to embarass
Abate V. To subside; to reduce
Abdicate V. To step down from position or responsibility
Abberation N. Something not typical; a deviation from the standard
Abhor V. to loathe; to detest
Abject Adj. Hopeless; extremely sad and servile; defeated
Abnegate V. to deny oneself things; to reject; to renounce
Abortive Adj. Unsuccessful
Abridge V. To shorten; to condense
Absolute Adj. Total; unlimited
Absolve V. To forgive or free from blame, sin, or obligation
Abstinent Adj. Abstaining; voluntarily not doing something that is pleasant but is bad for you
Abstract Adj. Theoretical; not concrete
Abstruse Adj. Hard to understand
Abysmal Adj. Extremely hopeless or wretched
Accolade N. An award or honor
Accost V. to approach and to speak to someone with anger
Acerbic Adj. sour; severe; like acid in temper
Acquiesce V. To comply passively; to accept; to assent; to agree
Acrid Adj. Harshly pungent; bitter
Acrimonious Adj. full of spite; spite; bitter; nasty
Acumen N. keenness of judgement;mental sharpness
Acute Adj. sharp; shrewd
Adamant Adj. stubborn; unyielding; completely inflexible
Address V. To speak to; to direct one's attention to
Adherent N. follower; supporter; beliver
Admonish V. to scold gently; to warn
Adroit Adj Skillful; dexterous; clever; shrewd; socially at ease
Adulation N. Wild or excessive admiration; flaterry
Adulterate V. To contaminate; to make impure
Adverse Adj. unfavorable; antagonistic
Aesthetic Adj. artistic
Affable Adj friendly
Affection N. Unnatural or artificial behavior
Affinity N. sympathy; attraction; kinship; similarity
Affluent Adj. rich; prosperous
Agenda N. program; things to be done
aggregate n Sum total
Agnostic n one who believes that the existence of a god can be neither proven or disproven
Agrarian adj relating to land
Alacrity n cheerful eagerness or readiness to respond
allege v to assert without proof
alleviate v to relieve, usually temporarily or incompletely
Allocate v to distribute; to assign; to allot
Alloy n a combination of two or more things
Allusion n an indirect reference
aloof adj uninvolved; standing off
altruism n selflessness; generosity; devotion to the interests of others
ambience n atmosphere; mood; feeling
Ambiguous adj unclear in meaning
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