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Light Waves

Chapter 22 & 23 8th Grade

Electromagnetic Wave A wave that consists of electric and magnetic fields that vibrate at right angles to each other
Radiation Transfer of energy as electromagnetic waves
Electromagnetic Spectrum All of the frequencies or wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation
Reflection The bouncing back of a ray of light, sound, or heat when the ray hits a surface that it does not go through
Absorption In optics the transfer of light energy to particles of matter
Scattering An interaction of light with matter that causes light to change its energy, direction, of motion, or both
Refraction The bending of a wave as the wave passes between two substances in which the speed of the wave differs
Diffraction A change in the direction of a wave when the wave finds an obstacle or an edge, such as an opening
Interference A wave interaction that happens when two or more waves overlap that combine to form a single wave
Transmission The passing of light or other form of energy through matter
Transparent Describes matter that allows light to pass through with little interference
Translucent Describes matter that transmits light but that does not transmit an image
Opaque Describes an object that is not transparent or translucent
Pigment A substance that gives another substance or a mixture its color
Plane Mirror A mirror that has a flat surface
Concave Mirror A mirror that is curved inward like the inside of a spoon
Convex Mirror A mirror that is curved outward like the back of a spoon
Lens A transparent object that refracts light waves such that they converge or diverge to create an image
Convex Lens A lens that is thicker in the middle than at the edges
Concave Lens A lens that is thicker in the edges than at the middle
Nearsightedness A condition in which the lens of the eyes focuses distant objects in front of rather than on the retina
Farsightedness A condition in which the lens of the eyes focuses distant objects behind rather than on the retina
Laser A device that produces intense light of only one wavelength and color
Hologram A piece of film that produces a three-dimensional image of an object; made by using a laser light
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