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Newborn 1


What defines the newborn period First 28 days of life
Term infants are those that are born between __ weeks 38-42
What is the post natal period 28th day to end of 1st year
To what nursery level do healthy infants go Level 1
What is a level 3 nursery Regional center for critical infants
When is the APGAR score normally done 1 & 5 minutes, 10 minutes in depressed infants
Infant conjunctivitis is common or uncommon Common
Most babies will lose __% of their birth wt in first 24 hours 8-10
Most babies will regain their birth wt by __ 2 weeks
Normal vital signs for newborns HR-120-160, RR-30-60, BP 50-70 systolic; Record & plot Ht, Wt, HC
Hematoma contained in skull suture lines Cephalohematoma
Hematoma that crosses skull suture lines Caput succedaneum
When does the anterior fontanelle usually close 4-24 months, average 1 year
When does the posterior fontanelle usually close 2-4 months
What is the term for premature fusion of the sutures Craniosynostosis
Intermittent strabismus is normal up to __ 3-6 months
Cloudy cornea from cataracts or glaucoma Leukocoria
Newborns are obligate __ breathers Nose
Hearing is fully developed by __ 1 month
Macroglossia is associated with __ Trisomy 21, Beckwith-Wiedemann
Where is a branchial cleft cyst locate Anterior to SCM
Where is a thyroglossal duct cyst located Neck midline
Where is a cystic hygroma located Posterior to SCM
Name some common neck masses Branchial cleft cyst, thyroglossal duct cyst, cystic hygroma
What does APGAR stand for Appearance, Pulse, Grimace, Activity, Respiration
What are the five components of the APGAR (not the mnemonic) Skin color, pulse rate, reflex irritability, muscle tone, breathing
APGAR – blue all over gets a score of 0
APGAR – blue at extremities body pink gets a score of 1
APGAR – no cyanosis gets a score of 2
APGAR – absent pulse gets a score of 0
APGAR – pulse <100 gets a score of 1
APGAR - pulse > 100 gets a score of 2
APGAR – no response to stimulation gets a score of 0
APGAR – grimace/feeble cry when stimulated gets a score of 1
APGAR – sneeze/cough/pulls away when stimulated gets a score of 2
APGAR – no muscle tone gets a score of 0
APGAR – active movement gets a score of 2
APGAR – some flexion gets a score of 1
APGAR – no breathing gets a score of 0
APGAR – weak or irregular breathing gets a score of 1
APGAR – strong breathing gets a score of 2
APGAR score of __ are considered critically low 3 and below
APGAR scores of __ are considered fairly low 4-6
APGAR scores of __ are considered normal 7-10
APGAR scores are taken at __ and again at __ in depressed infants 1 and 5 minutes, 10 minutes
Umbilical cord should have __ artery to vein ratio 2:1
Eye prophylaxis to prevent GC Ag nitrate; Erythromycin ointment within 1 hour of birth for GC/CT
What is given 1mg IM within 4 hours of birth to prevent hemorrhagic newborn disease Vitamin K
What tests are done on the cord blood Type, Coombs test, Newborn screening, Hct, glucose
Normal newborn HR 120-160
Normal newborn RR 30-60
Normal newborn BP 50-70 systolic
Birth weight decreases by __% in the first 24 hours but is regain by 2 weeks 8-10
Created by: Adam Barnard Adam Barnard