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Nature of Sound

Chapter 21, 8th Grade

Vocabulary WordDefinition
Sound Wave A longitudinal wave that is caused by vibrations that travels through a material medium
Medium A physical environment in which a phenomena occur
Pitch A measure of how high or low a sound is perceived to be, depending on the frequency of the sound wave
Doppler Effect An observed change in the frequency of a wave when the source or observer is moving
Loudness The extent to which a sound can be heard
Decibel (dB) The most common unit used to measure loudness
Echo A reflected sound wave
Echolocation The process of using reflected sound waves to find objects; used by animals such as bats
Interference The combination of two or more waves that results in a single wave
Sonic Boom The explosive sound heard when a shock wave from an object traveling faster than the speed of sound reaches a person's ear
Standing Wave A pattern of vibrations that simulates a wave that is standing still
Resonance An object vibrating at or near a resonant frequency of a second object causes the second object to vibrate
Sound Quality The result of the blending of several pitches through interference
Noise A sound that consists of a random mix of frequencies
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