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ID Final Review

LSNHS Interior Design

Housing refers to a dwelling, everything within a dwelling,and everything surrounding a dwelling.
What room is not located in the living area of the home? bathroom
Name the basic types of circulation patterns in the home. service circulation,guest circulation, and family circulation
What rooms should the kitchen be close to in a good plan? dining room, garage and the basement stairs.
What is the residential floor plan scale? 1/4 inch equals 1 foot
When choosing the location of the living room in a house, what should you consider? the view, the location of the main entry, and the location of the dining room.
What is the primary purpose of a dining room? a place set aside for eating
Approximately how many inches of spacer are needed for serving from the edge of an occupied dining table to a wall, buffet, or hutch? 36-44 inches
Where should the bed be placed when arranging bedroom funiture? Where no draft will blow across it
Where should bedroom furniture be placed? Where it does not interfere with circulation
Where should a bedroom door be placed? in the corner of the room
What is the minimum space needed next to the sink to drain and stack clean dishes? 18 inches
What is the recommended maximum length of the kitchen work triangle? 22 Feet
Which element of design gives direction to a design? line
What line suggests action, movement, and excitement? diagonal
What is the three-dimensional element of design? Form
How is a sense of equilibrium achieved in design? Through balance
How is formal balance achieved? placing identical objects on bot sides of a central point
The petals of a daisy are an example of what type of rhythm? radiation
How are intermediate colors made? mixing two primary colors
What are the warm colors? yellow, orange, and red
What color harmony is based on a single hue of the color wheel? monochromatic
What are guidelines for planning color harmonies? one color should dominate, dark values and warm hues make rooms appear smaller, and contrasting colors are emphasized when used side by side
What color harmony is made by combining to colors that are directly opposite each other on the standard color wheel? complementary
What is the most typical spacing for wall studs? 16 inches
What is the key factor in determining the quality of a carpet? density of the pile
What is the standard ceiling height in first and second floor areas of typical residences? 8 feet
A white and light paint color makes a ceiling appear how? higher
What is the overhanging area of the roof called? cornice
Where is flashing generally used on a roof? around chimneys, at valleys, and where the roof intersects the wall.
What type of window can be opened at the bottom and top of the window? double hung
What is the distance from the top surfaceof one tread to the top surface of the next called? rise
When covering stair treads, what is important to remember? the covering should be skidproof, carpeting should have a short, tight pile and padding should not be to thick
The traditional style of home that predominated in England in the late 1500's. It was usually two or three stories tall with an overhanign second story, gables, chimneys, columns, and decorative masonry is known as what? Tudor Manor
What type of home is a small cottage having a steep gable roof with little overhang, is 1 or 1 1/2 stories with a central chimney, and walls with narrow wood siding ro split shingles? Cape Cod
What basic one-story home design was inspired by ranchers' homes in the southwest? ranch house
What is the most efficient kitchen plan? U-shaped
What can the peninsula in a peninsula kitchen be used for? extra storage space, an eating area, and space for a built-in appliance.
What are some examples of diagonal lines used in housing design? gable roofs, staircases, and cathedral ceilings.
What is another word for color? hue
What is the dominant furniture grouping in the living room called? Primary conversation area
Name the three basic work centers in the kitchen. food preparation and storage center, cooking and serving center, the cleaning center
To seat people comfortably at a dining table approximately how many feet of table lenght should be allowed per person? 2 feet
Why should a dishwasher be located near the sink in a kitchen? dishes can be stacked and loaded in the dishwasher and water and drains close.
What is the lightness and darkness of a color called? value
What is the flat floor space used at any point along a staircase called? landing
What style of home includes scrolls and gingerbread that surround eaves, windows, and doors? Victorian
What style is named after a container used to store a cooking ingredient in Colonial America? Saltbox
What style has a characteristic square tower at the top of the house? Italianate
What style has an overhanging second story that characterizes the style? Garrison
What style has a gable roof and central fireplace in a small house less than two stories high? Cape Cod
Which style of house has a front colonnade and giant two-story portico? Southern Colonial
Which color harmony uses adjacent colors on the color wheel? analogous color harmony
What color harmony uses three equidistant colors on the color wheel? triadic color harmony
Which color harmony uses a single hue on the color wheel? monochromatic color harmony
Which color harmony uses combinations of black, white, and gray? neutral color harmony
Which color harmony uses two colors directly opposite each other on the color wheel? complementary color harmony
Which color harmony uses two sets of complementary colors? Double-complementary color harmony
Which color harmony uses one hue witht he two hues that border its complement? split-complementary color harmony
A flat floor area that may be used at any point along a staircase is known as what? landing
What type of stairs changes direction adn includes one landing? L stairs
What is a series of steps that lead from one level to another in a structure called? stairway
What are stairs that have several wedge-shaped steps fastened together to form a cylindrical stairway are called? spiral stairs
What is the usually rounded projection of a stair tread that extends past the face of the riser below called? nosing
What type of stairway has no turns or landings midway? straight-run stairs
What type of stairs use trapezoid-shaped steps? circular stairs
What type of roof is the most economical to build? It is not covered with traditional roofing materials. Flat
this type of roof is more complex to build than the gable or hip roof. It provides extra space on the top floor. Mansard
This type of roof is more complicated than the gable roof. It provides a cornice on all four sides of the house. It does not provide good ventilation. Hip
This type of roof is one of the most popular residential roof styles. It is simple and economical to build. It allows good ventilation Gable
The roof style has a gable added to each end of the hip. It creates an interesting roof line. It also provides for ventilation. Dutch hip
Has more slope than a flat roof. It requires a built-up roof covering if the slope is less than 3:12. shed
this type of roof is often called a barn roof. It is common on Dutch Colonial style homes. It permits added headroom on the top level of the house. Gambrel
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