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What are two sensory innervations to nasopharynx ? Anterior ethmoidal nerve (opthalmic division of trigeminal nerve V) anteriorly & Sphenopalatine nerve (maxillary division of CN V) posteriorly
Where is the location of epiglottis? At level of C3 in children; At level of C5 in adults
What are the sensory innervations to orophargynx? To hard and soft palate: palatine nerves from CN V and CN VII nerves To tongue (anterior 2/3): lingual nerve from CNV To tongue (posterior 1/3): glossophargyngeal nerve (CN IX) To tongue for taste sensation: CN VII and IX
What are the three unpaired cartilages in largynx? Thyroid, cricoid and epiglottis
What are the three paired cartilages? Arytenoid, corniculate and cuneiform
What is the largest cartilage in larynx? Thyroid cartilage
What cartilage is shaped like signet ring? Cricoid cartilage
Which nerve controls sensory innervation at Epiglottis (vallecula)? CN IX
Which nerve control motor innervation at cricothyroid? SLN (external)
Which nerve control sensory innervation between epiglottis and vocal cords? SLN (internal)
Which nerve control sensory innervation between vocal cords and trachea? RLN
Which nerve controls all muscles of larynx except cricothyroid? RLN
Function of SLN (external)? Control cricothyroid Actions: tension/elongate vocal cords
Functions of RLN? Posterior cricoarytenoids (PCA): abductors of vocal cords Lateral cricoarytenoids (LCA): adductors of vocal cords Thyroarytenoids: Relaxers of vocal cords Oblique arytenoids: control sphincters of vestibule.
Damages to Vagus nerve, unilateral? Hoarseness
Damages to Vagus nerve, bilateral? Aphonia
Damages to RLN, unilateral? Hoarseness
Damages to RLN, bilateral and acute? Stridor, respiratory distress
Damages to RLN, bilateral and chronic? Aphonia
Damages to SLN, unilateral? Minimal effects
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