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Chapter 26 AA

Allah Name of God in Islam
Ayatollah Islamic Clerics
Sheikh Islamic Cleric
Cleric Religious person
Sufi A mystic, or someone who gets in touch with the gods
Hijab Head covering
Chador Full body covering
Ablution Ritual Washing before prayer
Ramadan Holy month of fasting, nothing can pass through lips btw sunrise and set
5 pillars Five rules of Islam
Burqua Full body covering with net over eyes to see out. Worn in Afghanistan, Pakistan
Mecca Holy City
Kaa’ba Holy Rock
Purdah Seclusion for girls when they turn 11. Rural, poor Islamic societies do this. Extremism usually occurs in pre industrial societies
Hajj must make a pilgrimage to mecca, one of the 5 pillars
Jihad Holy war
Qu’ran Holy book of Islam
Mosque Holy place of worship
Minaret Tall column on a mosque. Speaker on top
Shariah Law Qu’ran is the constitution. Society is governed by it
Imam Spirtitual leader such as rabbi or priest
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