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Ch 11

Articulations of Bony Thorax

Costochondral union or junction joint between the costocartilage and the sternal end of ribs 1-10; the cartilage and the bone are bound together by the periosteum of the bone itself; this permits no motion; termed synarthrodial
Sternoclavicular joint joint between clavicles and the sternum; synovial joints, containing articular capsules that permit a plane motion, or gliding motion, diarthrodial
Sternocostal joint of the 1st rib joint between 1st rib (costocartilage) and the sternum; the cartilage of this rib attaches directly to the manubrium with no synovial capsule and allows no motion (synarthrodial); a cartilaginous joint with the synchondrosis type
Sternocostal joint of the 2nd-7th rib joints between the 2nd-7th ribs (costo-cartilage) and the sternum; synovial joints which allow a slight plane (gliding) motion, making them diarthrodial
Interchondral joints joints between the costal cartilages of the anterior 6th-10th ribs; interconnected by a synovial type joint w/an articular capsule lined by synovial membrane; slight plane (gliding) movement (diarthrodial), allows movement of bony thorax during breathing
Costotransverse joints joints between the posterior ribs 1-10 and the transverse processes of the thoracic vertebrae; synovial with articular capsules lined by synovial membrane; allows a plane (gliding) motion therefore diarthrodial
Costovertebral joints joints between the heads of the ribs 1-12 and the thoracic vertebrae; synovial w/articular capsules lined by synovial membrane; allows a plane (gliding) motion therefore diarthrodal

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