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general surgery

abdomininoperineal resection anus,rectum & sigmoid colon are removed and enblocked thu combined abdominal & perineal incisions
appendectomy removal of the blind enlongated pouch attached to the cecum
cholangiography determines presence of stones or stricture
cholescystectomy surgical removal of diseased gallbladder
colon resection procedure where a section of the large intestine is removed and it's continunity is restored
DFS stapler used for closure of fascia & skin
EEA stapler used for anastomosis of esophagus to stomach
end to end anastomosis of small intestine restores continunity of small intestine following resection
end to end bowel anastomosis re-establish continunity in the large intestine following resection
esophagus tubular structure extending from the parahynx to the stomach
excision of breast mass for biopsy & confirmation
excision of pilonidal cyst due to recurrent infection of area
gallbladder pouch attached to inferior surface of the liver
gastroduodenostomy removal of part of stomach & creation of new opening between the stomach and duodenum
gastrostomy incision made into stomach for insertion of syntheic feeding tube
GIA a stapler used to create gastrostomy
hemorrhoidectomy surgical removal of painful,dilated veins of anus & rectum
ileotransverse colostomy surgical removal for cancerous liasons, diverticulosis or obstruction
intussuception telescoping of the intestines
laparotomy incision made thru the abdominal wall
large intestine extends from distal end of the SI to rectum. divided into 5 sections
LDS stapler used for ligation & division of the omental vessels & vagas nerve
liver large organ that aids indigestion & filteration of toxic substances from the body
loop colostomy results in a temporary channel of evacuation of fecal matter
low anterior resection removal of a portion of the distal large intestine
mcburney incision used for exploration & appendix removal
midline simplest & most common abdominal incision
modified radical mastectomy removal of breast & axillary nodes to halt spread of cancer
pancreas lobulated gland lying inferior to the liver, which secretes insulin
pancreatojejunostomy performed for treatment of early cancer of the pancreas
partial gastrectomy removal of part of stomach & creation of new opening between the stomach & duodenum
pyloromyotomy allows ingested food to pass easily into the duodenum
repair of femoral hernia surgical correction in groin area inferior to the ingal ligament
repair of incisional hernia repair of protusion caused by weakening of the abdominal wall
repair of inguinal hernia repair herniation of abdominal contents
right hemicolectomy requires an anastomosis between colon & ilium
roticulator 55 stapler used for anastomosis of proximal & distal large bowel
simple mastectomy removal of breast to stop the spread of cancer
small intestine proximal portion of the bowel
spleen kidney-shaped organ that destroys aged RBC's
stomach lies just under the diaphragm in the upper abdomen. composed of the fundus,body & antrum
subcostal incision exposing the gallbladder
TA30 stapler used for alternate technique of closure of esophagus & gastric esophagogastomy
TA55 stapler for closure of gastrostomy
TA90 stapler used for the closure of gastric fungus
thyroidectomy performed to treat hyperthyroidism
transabdominal repair of hiatal hernia repair of a defect in the phrenoesophageal membrane
upper paramedian incision used to expose stomach,duodenum & pancreas
wedge resection of liver removal of tissue for biopsy
whipple stomach, duodenum, head of pancreas & common bile duct are resected in the procedure
Biopsy removal of tissue, cells or fluid from the body and examination to determine its exact nature and to establish a diagnosis
En bloc in a mass as a whole
Gynecomastia abnormal enlargement of the male breasts; happens during puberty and after 40
In situ in position; localized and noninvasive
Ischemia localized tissue anemia due to obstruction of the inflow of arterial blood
Malignant tending to infiltrate, metastasize and produce death; cancerous
Mammograhphy radiography of the soft tissue of the breast to allow indentification of various benign and malignant processes
Mammoplasty reconstructive surgery of the breast
Mastectomy excision of the breast
Metastasis transfer of disease from one site to another
Tetany condition of physiologic calicum imbalance marked by muscle spasms usually associated with deficeint parathyroid secretion
Stranglated hernia contents are trapped in the extra-abdominal sac, the blood supply is cut off, the sac contents become ischemic and will eventually necrose
Sliding hernia hernia sac are composed of bowel
Epigastric hernia protrusions of fat thru defects in the abdominal wall between the ziphoid process and the umbilicus
Fermoral hernia protrudes from the groin, below the inguinal ligament into the thigh
Hiatal hernia protrusion of a portion of the stomach thru the opening for the esophagus which is the diaphragm
Incisional hernia postoperative hernia caused by a weakness in the abdominal wall from the incision or postoperative complications
Direct hernia false - direct hernia occurs lateral to the deep epigastric vein.
Hesselbach's triangle false - emerge between the epigastric vein & the rectum muscle
planaloom defects which include both Direct & Indirect hernias
hernia surgery false - pt is draped for upper abdominal surgery
hernia surgery false - a folley cathater is used to retract the spermatic cord structures
hernia surgery Surgeon ligates or oversews indirect hernia as tech takes 1st closing count
Thyroid surgery after surgery, postop needs to have a Trach tray in the room
Parathyroid disease Imbalance of calicum in the system
Thyroid primary function is iodine metabolism; blood supply is from the external carotid arteries & the superior subclavian arteries thru the superior & inferior thyroid arteries
Thyroid biopsy false - purpose to determine temperature
hyperthyroidism grave's disease
parathyroid lies posterior to the thyroid
breast each breast is made up of 12-20 lobes seperated by connective tissue and adipose tissue
infra-mammary location on the under side of the breast
needle localization & biopsy using a small needle or wire placed into the breast
incisional biopsy mass surgically incised and a portion taken for examination by pathologist
Laparotomy surgical opening of the abdomen
subcutaneous mastectomy removal of all breast tissue w/ overlaying skin and nipple left in tact
modified radical mastectomy removal of the entire involved breast; all axillary lymph nodes are resected; the pectoral muscle is left in tact; to prevent cross contamination; seperate setup are necessary
false breast is transversely incised
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