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iolani eng 8 vocab

impart- v to make known; to give or reveal
circumstance- n a condition; a financial situation
pungent- adj sharp and intense, as an odor
recessed- adj indented or hollowed out space
benefactor- n a person who gives money or other aid
adversary- n an opponent
benevolently- adv characterized by doing good, kindly
retort- n a quick, sharp, or witty reply
malodorous- adj having a bad odor
ponder- v to think or to consider carefully and thoroughly
obsolete- adj out of date
immoral- adj contrary to what is considered to be correct behavior
humane- adj merciful, showing the best qualities of humans
incessantly- adv continually, without interruption
capricious- adj unpredictable
rapture- n feeling of ecstasy, great joy
haphazardly- adv in a random manner
posterity- n future generations
stipulated- v arranged in an agreement
renunciation- n a declaration in which something is given up
acute- adj sharp, keen
conceived- adj thought of
vex- v to disturb; annoy
stifled- adj smother
crevice- n a crack
stealthily- adv cautiously, secretly
audacity- n shameless daring or boldness
vehemently- adv with intense emotion
derision- n ridicule
hypocritical- adj false or deceptive, like a person who is pretending to be what he or she is not
extricate- v to free from a tangle or difficulty
preening- n cleaning feathers with a beak
presumptuous- adj excessively bold, confident, or shameless
outskirts- n the region remote from the central district of a city or town
malicious- adj showing ill will, spiteful
peril- n danger
surveying- adj looking over carefully; inspecting
grimace- n a facial expression of pain or disgust
fate- n a power that is supposed to determine the course of events
credulity- n a tendency to believe too easily; gullibility
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