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Weather Tools

What two factors affect air pressure? altitude and temperature
How is wind created? by differences in air pressure
What are doldrums? calm area where warm air rises
Do global winds affect local weather? Yes
What is the science word for a person who uses weather tools? meteorologist
What tool measures heat? thermometer
What tools measure air pressure? barometer
What tool measures wind speed? anemometer
What tool measures mass triple beam balance
What tool measures humidity in the air? sling psychrometer
What tool measures rain level? rain gauge
What are the units of measure for a thermometer? degree Celsius and degree Fahrenheit
What is the unit of measure for a barometer? millibars
What is the unit of measure for an anemometer? miles per hour (mph)
What tools are needed to correctly report wind conditions? anemometer and wind vane
How would scientist "count particles" of an object? by finding the object's mass
What weather idea describes the weight of air pushing down? air pressure
What weather idea describes water vapor in the air? relative humidity
What factors or measurements are used to describe the daily weather? relative humidity, air pressure, wind speed, temperature, and wind direction
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