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BMMS 7history ch 7

BMMS 7history, chapter 7

Wood block printing a process that used wooden blocks to produce books
porcelain a hard white ceramic often called "china"
tea a popular drink first used in China as medicine
movable type a small block of wood or metal with a single raised character used for printing
gunpowder an invention first used for fireworks
Marco Polo a trader from Venice who became an assistant to China's ruler
Mongol Ascendancy the period of history when the Mongols controlled all of central Asia
Yuan the dynasty founded by a Mongol ruler
Silk Roads ancient trade routes stretching from China to the Black Sea
Genghis Khan Mongol ruler whose name means "universal ruler"
Song the dynasty defeated by Mongol invaders
Kublai Khan Mongol leader who controlled all of China
Beijing the capital city of the Great Khan
Maritime a term meaning "related to the sea"
Forbidden City a complex of palaces and temples where commoners were not allowed
Daoism a belief system that seeks harmony with nature and inner feelings
nomad a person who moves from place to place
Confucianism a belief system that emphasized education, ideas of right and wrong, and respect for family
Grand Canal a waterway built to link rivers in Northern and Southern China
Wu Zhao the only women to occupy the throne of China
reunify to bring together after it has been divided
Wendi the first emperor of the Sui Dynasty
Confucius the scholar who taught that right relationships produced social order
Buddhism a religion based on the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama
scholar-official an educated person with a government position under the Tang Dynasty
imperial term meaning "related to an empire"
terrace a step built into a hillside to create a field for planting
magnetic compass an invention that improved navigation on the open seas
bureaucracy a government that is divided into departments
Yongle the emperor who led the Ming Dynasty at the height of its power
Zheng He the Chinese admiral who led a large fleet of ships to distant lands
tribute a payment made as a sign of respect
1911 the year in which the last Chinese dynasty ended
Manchus the people who conquered China and started its last dynasty
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