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SAT Roots and Prefix

roots and prefixes of words frequently used on the SAT

bene, ben good
mal bad
cred to believe
mundus world
loq, loqu, log speech, thought
dol pain
a, an not, without
ante, ant before
co, com, con together
dis, dif, di not, apart, away
ex, e out, out of
fac, fic, fect, fy, fea make, do
gen birth, class, kin
grad, gress step
in, ig, il, im, ir not
inter among, between
mag, maj, mas, max great
mis wrong, bad, hate
nat, nasc born
nom, nym name
ob against
path feel, suffer
pre before
roq ask
scrib, script, scriv write
sed, sid sit
sequ, secu follow
spec, spic see, look
tact, tag, tang touch
trans through, across, over, beyond
val, vail strength
vert, vers turn
voc, vok, vow voice
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