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SAT Vocab v3.0

Round 3!

complaisant agreeable
insouciance lightheartedness
deconstruct interpret (a text/art)
seditious arousing rebellion (rabble-rousing)
ebullience intense enthusiasm
exorbitant exceeding all bounds of custom/fairness
flagrant extremely or deliberately shocking or noticeable
lugubrious mournful, dismal, or gloomy to a ludicrous degree (Tsunami was a beta fish...)
amalgam a mixture (think Moo Amalgamated)
multifarious diverse; various (deeds of Bartimaeus)
palliative relieving or soothing to symptoms of disease without curing (like Vicodin)
mendacious lying
specious having the ring of truth but actually false
impetuous impulsive and passionate (Scarlett O’Hara...)
impetus an impelling force or stimulus
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