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Current apps in bio


What are the characteristics of life? Cells, Biological growth, development, regulate metabolism processes, response to stimuli, locomotion, reproduction, adaptation’s,
How does homeostasis tie in with the characteristics of life? Maintenance and regulation of metabolic processes: it would be very costly to an organism if their biological processes were unregulated (much energy would be lost and wasted)
How are biological systems organized? *Remember to include everything from cells to tissues to populations to ecosystems Cell Tissues Tissues are organized into organs. Tissues and organs form organ systems. Population-members of a species that live in the same area at the same time. Community- populations that live together and interact. Ecosystem
How is information transferred in an organism? Cell-to-cell communication is a complex process called cell signaling •Information is transmitted by: –Hormones –Neurotransmitters and their receptors
How is this passed from generation to generation? DNA is the large molecule that makes up genes Genes specify instructions for making every living organism DNA contains “recipe” for proteins
What is the basic unifying theory in biology? Evolution
What is the difference between deductive and inductive reasoning? –Deductive reasoning draws conclusions from premises –Inductive reasoning begins with observations and draws conclusions or extrapolates
Lamark: good guy or evil incarnate? First recognized scientist to propose that a changing environment, not divine intervention, caused an organism to alter its behavior
Know how the early thinkers (e.g., Malthus, Lyell, etc.) influenced Darwin’s thoughts -Populations of organisms could potentially far outstrip their resources -The Earth is very old (at least millions of years), with a very different prehistoric environment Changing environments cause populations to change (e.g., selective breeding)
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