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CPC 1st three codes

match code with illustrative behavior for 3 of 7 codes

Share assignment-related information on “as-needed” basis Confidentiality
Manage data, invoices, records, or other situational or consumer-specific information (e.g., shredding, locked files). Confidentiality
Inform consumers when fed. or state mandates require disclosure of confidential info. Confidentiality
Provide service delivery regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability ,sexual orientation, or any other factor. Professionalism
Assess consumer needs and situation before and during the assignment and make adjustments as needed. Professionalism
Render the message faithfully by conveying the content and spirit of what is being communicated, using language most readily understood by consumers, and correcting errors discreetly and expeditiously. Professionalism
Request support when needed to fully convey the message or to address exceptional communication challenges. Professionalism
Refrain from providing counsel, advice, or personal opinions. Professionalism
Judiciously provide information or referral regarding available interpreting or communityresources w/out infringing on consumer rights Professionalism
Decline assignments or withdraw from the interpreting profession when not competent due to physical, mental, or emotional factors. Conduct
Avoid performing dual or conflicting roles in. Conduct
Comply with established workplace codes of conduct, notify appropriate personnel if there is a conflict w/CPC, seek resolution Conduct
Conduct and present themselves in an unobtrusive manner and exercise care in choice of attire. Conduct
Refrain from the use of mind-altering substances before or during the performance of duties. Conduct
Disclose to parties involved any actual or perceived conflicts of interest. Conduct
Avoid actual or perceived conflicts of interest that might cause harm or interfere with effectiveness of service. Conduct
Refrain from using confidential interpreted information for personal, monetary, or professional gain. Conduct
Refrain from using confidential interpreted information for the benefit of personal or professional affiliations or entities. Conduct
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