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Hematology RBC

Hema. RBC Morphology

Why is morphology of red cells important Aids physicians in diagnosis and relates to the quality of the indices results.
A slide that is too thin cobblestone effect and has no central palor
a slide that is too thick looks like: stacks of cells many overlapping
a normal slide is: cells randomly spaced in singles or occasional doubles
The round and oval red cells with diameters of greater than 9 microns and decreased central pallor are macrocytes or megalacytes
RBCs that vary significantly in size are called Anisocytes
cells that have MCV of < 80, & normal central pallor are called Microcytes
Cells with MCV > 100, round to oval, decreased central pallor are Macrocytes or megalocytes
RBCs with > Normal MCV and central pallor, larger than normal. Pseudomacrocytes
Pseudomacrocytes are larger than normal due to what? Flattening on the slide
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