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Physical Agents

Cryotherapy (PTA)

Indications for Cryotherapy inflammation, edema, pain, spasticity, MS (symptom management), facilitation, cryokinetics & cryostretch
Precautions for Cryotherapy over a superficial main branch of a nerve, over open wound, hypertension, poor sensation and/or mentation, very young/old patients
Contraindications for Cryotherapy cold hyper-sensitivity/allergy, cold intolerance, cryoglobulinemia, paroxysmal cold cryoglobinuria, Reynaud's Disease or phenomenen, over a regenerating peripheral nerve, over an area with circulatory compromise or PVD
Adverse Effects of Cryotherapy Tissue death, frost bite, nerve damage, unwanted vasodilation
CP (cold pack): temperature for storage 23 F
CP: treatment duration 10-15 min. for pain, inflammation, edema; 30 min. for spasticity
Ice massage: treatment duration 5-10 min. OR until analgesia
Ice massage: used for...; 3-5 second "Quick Icing": used for... control of local pain, inflammation, edema; impaired motor control
Vapocoolant Spray: used in conjunction with passive stretching
Vapocoolant Spray: provides short duration of cooling to localized area
Vapocoolant Spray: treatment parameters 1. identify trigger points 2. 2-5 sweeps in direction of m. fibers
Vapocoolant Spray: distance held from skin & angle 12-18 inches; 30 degree angle
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