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ch.12 & 16

Adenoid/o Adenoids
Alveol/o Aveolus, Air sac
Bronch/o Bronchi
Bronchiol/o Bronchi
Capn/o CO2 Carbin dioxide
Coni/o Dust
Cyan/o Blue
Epiglott/o Epiglottis
Laryng/o Voice Box
Lob/o Divides the Lung
Mediastin/o Mediastinum
Nas/o Nose
Orth/o Straight, upright
Ox/o Oxygen
Pector/o Chest
Pharyng/o Throat, Pharynx
Phon/o Voice
Phren/o Diaphram
Pleur/o Pleura
Pneum/o Lung
Pneumon/o Lung
Pulmon/o Lung
Rhin/o Nose
Sinus/o Sinus Cavity
Spir/o Breathing
Tel/o Complete
Thorac/o Chest
Tonsill/o Tonsils
Trache/o Trachea, Windpipe
-Ema Condition
-Osmia Smell
-Pnea Breathing
-Ptysis Spitting
-Sphyxia Pulse
-Thorax Pleural Cavity
Adip/o Fat
Albin/o White
Caus/o Burn, Burning
Cauter/o Heat, Burn
Cutane/o Skin
Derm/o Skin
Dermat/o Skin
Diphor/o Profuse sweating
Erythem/o Redness
Erythemat/o Redness
Hidr/o Sweat
Ichthy/o Scaly, dry
Kerat/o Hard, Horny Tissue
Leuk/o White
Lip/o Fat
Melan/o Black
Myc/o Fungus
Onych/o Nail
Phyt/o Plant
Pil/o Hair, Hair Follicle
Py/o Pus
Rhythid/o Wrinkle
Seb/o Sebum
Squam/o Scale-like
Steat/o Fat
Trich/o Hair
Ungu/o Nail
Xanth/o Yellow
Xer/o Dry
Anthrac/o Black (as coal)
Chlor/o Green
Cirrh/o tawny Yellow
Jaund/o Yellow
Lute/o Yellow
Created by: Melann