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Georgia Habitats

Georgia Habitats Study Guide

What are the five habitats of Georgia? Mountain, Piedmont, Coastal Plain, Swamp/Marsh, Atlantic Ocean
What animals and plants live in the Mountain Habitat in Georgia? Animals: black bear, raccoon, warbler, whitetail deer Plants: mountain laurel, trillium
What animals and plants live in the Piedmont Habitat in Georgia? Animals: Squirrel, barred owl, tree frog Plants: dogwood tree, red maple tree, redbud tree
What animals and plants live in the Coastal Plain Habitat in Georgia? Animals: gopher frog, rattlesnake, wild turkey Plants: live oak, kudzu, azalea
What animals and plants live in the Swamp/Marsh Habitat in Georgia? Animals: alligator, armadillo, gray fox, beaver Plants: pitcher plant, sundew, cordgrass
What animals and plants live in the Atlantic Ocean Habitat in Georgia? Animals: right whale, lobster, jellyfish, loggerhead turtles Plants: seaweed
What is mimicry? An adaptation that allows an animal to protect itself by looking like another living thing that is poisonous
What are two examples of mimicry? 1. The king snake that looks like the poisonous coral snake. 2. A painted lady butterfly looks like a poisonous monarch butterfly
What is adaptation? Adaptation is when a body part or a behavior helps a living thing survive in its environment
What are three examples of adaptation? 1. A black bear has thick fur to keep it warm in the cold mountains 2. An alligator has sharp teeth for catching prey 3. A sundew has sweet nectar to attract insects to eat
What is an ecosystem? An ecosystem is all the living and nonliving things that exist and interact in one place
How does a change in a habitat affect the plants and animals that live there? Give an example Pollutants in a habitat can kill plants and animals that live there. For example, if there is no food, animals in a habitat cannot survive
How can we conserve an ecosystem? We can conserve an ecosystem by not disturbing the plants and animals that live there, clean up any trash or mess, don't take or add things to an ecosystem
Created by: Mindful_Pumpkin