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5 powers that dominated the Iberian Peninsular during the 15th century and they united into the Kingdom of Spain under Charles V. Castile, Aragon, Leon, Navarre, Portugal.
Three famous Protestant Reformations German Monk- Lutheran French Heretic- Calvinism English King- Henry VIII
Justification by Faith is a central tenet to which of the emergent Protestant Religions Lutheran
Edward VI was what religion? Lutheran
Three major books that each English home had; what are they? Foxes Book of Martyrs, English Book of Common Prayer, Geneva Bible 1560
5 major wars in the 17th/18th centuries 7 Years War, 9 Years War, War of Spanish Succession, War of Austrian Succession, American Revolution
Conquistador: Cortez Empire Conquered? Aztec
Conquistador: Pizarro Empire Conquered? Inca
What great Empire to the East of Europe kept the Europeans looking to the Westward and around Africa? Ottoman Empire
Rene Decartes the Cartesian System
Robert Boyle New Experiments Physicio- Mechanical
Henry VIII Catherine of Aregon- divorced- Mary I Anne Boleyn- beheaded- Elizabeth I Jane Seymour- died- Edward VI Anne of Cleves- divorced Katherine Howard- beheaded Katherine Parr- survived
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