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Health Occ.

Chapter 4

Ethics Actions are right or wrong
Values ideas, beliefs
Civil laws Any law that enforces rights
Criminal Criminal behavior that could be punished
Good samaritan
Health insurance portability and accountability act HIPPA passed in 1996
Sexual harassment
Emancipation minor Under 18 cant sign a consent form
Malpractice Lack of skill
Examples of unethical behaviors
What does HIPPA guarantee Keep healthcare records private
What is confidentiality
What is patient self-determination act To ensure that a patient's right to self-determination
What does a guardian do
What does DNR man in the context of health care Do not resuscitate
Ombudsman Protected
Advanced directive
Durable power of attorney legal document that grants authority to the other person
Arbitration deal with it outside
Malpractice lack of skill
Negligence not reasonable care
Statute of limitations legal action may be taken
Informed consent sign
Duty of care legal obligation
Know unethical and illegal behavior
Difference between civil case and criminal case
3 examples of unethical behavior in a healthcare situation
Created by: Jocelynperez1