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Medical term.

Chapters 4-7

Anoxia is lack of oxygen in the arterial blood and blood tissue
Larng/o- means Larynx and voice box
Hypoxia is deficiency in the amount of oxygen in the cell
A barrel chest can be in a patient with COPD
Medical procedure to use a stethoscope to listen to breath sounds is cospoltation
Each lung contains ___, large divisions whose dividing lines are visible on the surface of the lung lobs
What can trigger an asthma attack exposure to allergies, dust, mold, smoke, inhaled chemicals, exercise, cold air, and emotional stress
Pmeum/o- means lung and air
Ventil/o- means movement of air
What word means pertaining to within the ventricle Ventricular
What word parts are in the word endarterectomy Prefix, combining form, and suffix
What is phlebitis inflammation of a vein
What is endocarditis Inflammation or bacterial infection of the inner lining of the heart valve
The medical language definition of the word electrocardiography is Process of recording the electricity of the heart
Coron/o- as seen in coronary artery means Structure that encircles like a crown
The body's immune response can detect and destroy Viruses, bacteria, protozoa
What contains hemoglobin and that transports oxygen to the cells Erythrocytes
Sepsis or septicemia is also known as blood poisoning
Anemia can be caused by a deficiency of what vitamin b12 or folic acid
Myelo/o- means bone marrow, spinal cord, myelin
Tzanck test aides in making diagnosis of what shingles
What is the common name for herpes simplex type 1 infection cold sores
Melanocytes are pigment cells that produce melinin
What is a procedure that removes the entire lung pneumonectomy
A person is said to have a "trach" when permanent opening in the trachea
The medical language definition of cardiopulmonary is pertaining to the heart and lungs
What is endothelium inner layer that promotes the flow of blood
What is the name of the only artery that does not carry bright red, oxygenated blood pulmonary
What is the primary accented syllable for the word coagulation agu
Because of irregular shape, sickle cells can be categorized as poikilcyosis
What is a cyst contains fluid
When the phrenic (phren/o-) nerve is stimulated it causes the ___ to contract diaphram
Digitalis drug or digoxin is prescribed to treat congestive heart failure
Diving the word polymorphonuclear into word parts pertaining to many shaped neucleoes of the cell
Where is adipocere formed dead body
What causes pulmonary edema back up of blood
The mitral valve is located between the ___ and ___ left atrium ; left ventricle
The combing form bronchiol/o- means bronciol
The combining form auscult/o- means listening
The process of receiving an immunization is known as vaccination
Carcin/o- means cancer
Laryng/o- means larynx
AFB in spuntum can indicate tuberculosis and infection
Heart attack also known as myocardial infarction
Acne Vulgaris occurs most often when puberty
Exacerbation is sudden worsening of symptoms
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