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Revolutionary War

8th Grade Georgia Studies - Revolutionary War

Thomas Jefferson Writer of the Declaration of Independence
John Treutlen Georgia’s first state governor
Loyalists Tories loyal to the British crown
Washington The Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army
Thomas Paine Author of Common Sense, supporting independence
Benedict Arnold Became a traitor to the Patriots
The Battle of Lexington & Concord The battle that began the American Revolutionary War
July 4th The day we celebrate Independence Day
John Hancock The first person to sign the Declaration of Independence
Georgia The only colony that did not send a representative to the First Continental Congress
Treaty of Paris of 1783 The treaty that ended the Revolutionary War
Battle of Kettle Creek The battle in Georgia that marked a victory for Elijah Clarke
Yorktown, Virginia Where the last major battle of the Revolutionary war took place
The Olive Branch Petition Document sent to the King during the Second Continental Congress in an effort to avoid war
Button Gwinnett, Lyman Hall, Georgia Walton Three delegates from Georgia who signed the Declaration of Independence
Lord Cornwallis British commander that surrendered at the Battle if Yorktown
Nancy Hart Georgia spy who killed several Loyalist soldiers at her home during the Revolutionary War
Elijah Clarke Leader of the Georgia Militia at the Battle of Kettle Creek and the retaking of Augusta
Austin Dabney Slave who fought in the Revolutionary War and was awarded freedom and land by the State of Georgia for his service
Nancy Hart Hart County is named after this legendary Revolutionary War heroine
Declaration of Independence Had the purpose of dissolving the political connection between the colonies and Great Britain
Declaration of Independence Document that declared the U.S. a free and independent country from Great Britain
Common Sense Name of the pamphlet written by Thomas Paine that convinced many of the colonists to support independence
Savannah Georgia city captured in 1778 and remained in British hands for the duration of the war
Charity, Defense, and Economics purpose of the Georgia colony as stated in Georgia’s charter
Trustees were not allowed to own land or make a profit from the colonies
Battle of Bloody Marsh Battle victory for Oglethorpe that permanently ended the Spanish threat
Upper house Under the new government in the royal colony, the _______ would advise the governor and be appointed
Lower house Under the new government in the royal colony, the ___________ was elected by the colonists
Rene de Laudonniere French explorer that built Fort Caroline
Guale A Spanish mission off the coast of Georgia
Hernando de Soto explorer who was primarily responsible for Native Americans becoming suspicious of Europeans because of disease and destruction caused by him and his people
Native American population declined The result of the expedition of de Soto’s men
Mississippian Society that was organized by levels of importance or hierarchy often determined by heredity or bravery in wars
Increased population and permanent settlements improvements in agriculture meant Georgia’s prehistoric Native Americans could grow and store food
North American continent/Western Hemisphere Location of Georgia in relation to continent and hemisphere
Georgia’s climate Humid subtropical with hot summers and mild winters
Importance of Blue Ridge Mountains Precipitation in the mountains provides water to the entire state
Appalachian Plateau Region in Georgia where coal is found
Created by: WIGGINSCCS