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Roman Republic


Romulus raised by a she-wolf with his twin brother Remus and are known as the founders of Rome
Etruscan a civilization the was conquered by Rome
Pompey a general who had conquered the eastern Mediterranean world
Julius Caesar young, ambitious general who had served as a Consul

First Triumvirate a political alliance between three powerful men in the Roman Republic: Julius Caesar, Crassus, and Pompey
Crassus a Praetor whom had defeated a slave rebellion and restored order in Italy

Senate 300 members appointed life, from the wealthiest families, as an advisory body (passed laws, handled daily problems of the land.
Consul 2 elected men (supreme judges, supervisors, generals). 1 year term. Both must agree on major descisions
Republic Rome
12 Tables providing political and social rights for all citizens.
SPQR "The Senate and the People"
Patricians served as priests, performed ritual, they owned all land and served in government military
Plebians rebelled-after each bloody riot, they gained a few more rights and they couldn't marry outside their class.
Punic Wars the battles between Rome and Carthage from 264-202 B.C.
Hannibal the son of a famous general who had never lost to the Romans and led an army of 90,000 soldiers and 40 elephants over the Alps attacking Rome.
What happened in 70 B.C three leaders march on Rome, establishing a Triumvirate
What happened in 146 B.C. last Punic War ends in Roman triumph. (Rome's government incapable of managing such a large territory).
What happened in 264 B.C. Punic Wars begin between Roman and Carthage
What happened in 509 B.C last king overthrown, Rome declares a Republic
Explain why "The Senate and the people of Rome" could have been used to unify the two main groups? So that it would be used as an official emblem of the modern day commune of Rome.
Whats the Republic form of government? How was it designed to work well? What were its weaknesses? the Republic was divided into three groups or branches so one group does not get too powerful. A number of lower offices collected taxes, which was a weakness.
Mars god of war
Jupiter chief god
Juno wife of chief god
Venus goddess of love
Diana goddess of hunt
Minerva goddess of wisdom
Merucry messenger god
Pluto god of underworld
Neptune god of sea
Valcan god of ice
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