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Leson 1 and 2 Soc

archaeology the study of ancieant people
artifacts the tools, weapons, and other objects that early people left behind.
stairt a narrow body of water that connects two larger ones.
migration movement of people from one area to another
nomads people who moved from place to place in search of hunting grounds
sources a supply
maize which is a type of corn
carbon dating a method of determining how old an artifact is
estimate a rough calculation of a number
cultures r shared traditions and behaviors.
civilizations highly developed society
complex highly detailed
theorcracy a society that is ruled by religious leaders
hierogliphics a form of writing that uses symbols or pictures to represent things, ideas, and sounds
linked to connect
terrace a broad platform of flat land cut into a slope
Irrigated to supply water to crops by artificial means
channel a long, narrow gutter or groove through which water can flow
pueblos a communal Native American structure with a flat roof; a type of Native American village
structure a building
federation a government that links and unites different groups
clan a group of people who have a common ancestor
Created by: Parker Skedel