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tg 1st Vocab

1st Quarter Academic Vocabulary

Matter anything that has mass and takes up space
Physical Properties a trait that can be seen or measured
Boiling Point 100 degrees celsius
Freezing point 0 degrees celcius
Evaporation Process from L-G from adding heat
Melting Process from S-L from adding heat
Condense Process of G-L from lowering or removing heat
Freeze Process of L-S from lowering or removing heat
Density Heaviness or thickness of a solid or liquid
Mixture Two or more substances that can be separated. Substances keep their physical properties.
Solution A mixture of two or more substances in which one substance dissolves. Must be heated to separate.
Dissolve Break down into pieces to small to be seen.
Force A push or pull
Gravity Pull toward to center of the Earth
Energy To Do Work
Heat/Thermal Energy Moving particles that produce heat
Electrical Energy Flow of electric charges through a path
Sound Energy Caused through vibrations
Conductor An item that allows energy to pass through
Insulator An item that does not allow energy to pass through
Electrical circuit Flow of electric charges through a path
Series circuit an electrical circuit in which all parts are connected one after another so that the current flows through a single path.
Parallel Circuit a circuit having more than one path in which a current can travel
Light Energy a form of energy that can bee seen
Reflection light srikes an object and bounces back
Refraction light strikes an object and bends
Inertia an object in motion stays in motion until a force stops it
Closed Ciruit A circuit with no gaps or openings
Open circuit a broken or incomplete electrical circuit
State of Matter Solid, Liquid, or Gas
Buoyant to float
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