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Focus 20


weathering breaking down of rocks and minerals
erosion movement of rock and sediment
deposition dropping off of rock and sediment
fault break in the ground where earth's plates move; where earthquakes occur
dam a barrier preventing the flow of water; built across water to control flow
levee embankment built to prevent overflow of a river; on the bank of rivers
beach reclamation reclaiming or rebuilding the beach from erosion
surrender agree to quit fighting; one side backs down
Jefferson Davis President of the Confederate States of America (south)
Uncle Tom's Cabin book written by Harriett Beecher Stowe to inform the north about the cruelty of slavery
Stonewall Jackson Confederate general; got nickname Stonewall because he would not back down in battle
Abraham Lincoln President of the United States of America (north)
Appomattox Court House location in Virginia where south surrendered to north; Civil War ended
Fort Sumter battle that marked the beginning of the Civil War
Created by: mucabbell