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MED104 Mrs. D

Flashcard ch. 16 - 18

canthus corner of the eye where upper and lower lids meet
conjunctiv- conjunctiva
conjunctive inner lining of eyelids
lacrim- tears
nas/o- nose
duct- to lead
lys/o- decomposition
-zyme enzyme
ophthaml/o- eye
orbit bony socket that holds the eyeball
peri- around
-orbit- orbit
phot/o- light
-phobia fear
conjunctivitis pink eye
pur- pus
-ulent abounding in
blephar- eyelid
-ptosis drooping
-plasty surgical repair
contagious infections transmitted from person to person or from person to air or surface to person
con- together
tamin- touch
dacry/o- tears
-cyst- sac
-sten- narrowing
hordeolum stye; abscess in an eyelash follicle
paresis partial paralysis
ptosis drooping
congenital present at birth
eso- inward
-trop- turn
-ia condition
exo- outward
ocul- eye
opt/o- vision
-metrist skilled in measurement
stere- three dimensional
-opsis vision
strab- squint
-ismus take action
iris colored portion of the eye with the pupil in its center
presby- old person
-opia sight
pupil opening in the center of the iris that allows light to reach the lens
refract break up change in direction of, or bend, a ray of light
retina innermost layer of eyeball
scler- hard, white of eye
aqu/e- watery
-ous pertaining to
opt- eye
-ical pertaining to
visu- sight
a- without
-stigmat- focus
-ism action
emmetr- measure
-opia sight
kerat/o- cornea
myo- to blink
glauc- lens opacity
infect/i- internal invasion
ophthalm- eye
neo- new
nat- born
pollut- to defile
-ant pertaining to
cor- pupil
-aneurysm dilation
retin/o- retinea
ton/o- pressure, tension
acute sharp; a disease of sudden onset that is usually severe and of short duration
an- without
-alges- sensation of pain
-pyret- fever
ot/o- ear
media middle
rhin/o- nose
audi/o- hearing
cerumen ear wax
cur- cleanse, cure
-ette little
impacted immovably wedged, as with earwax, blocking the external ear canal
ir- in
-rig- water
-ation process
meatus passage or canal
myc/o- fungus
tympan- eardrum, tympanic membrane
oss/i- bone
-cle small
myring/o- tympanic membrane
scler/o- hard; hardening
-stomy new opening
audi/o- hearing
equi- equal
-librium balance
-lith stone
tinnitus jingle; persistent ringing, whistling, clicking , or booming noise in the ears
vertigo dizziness; sensation of spinning or whirling
crin/e- to secrete
crin/o- to secrete
hormon- chemical messenger
oxy- quick
toc- labor, birth
-in chemical compound
thry- thyroid
pituit- pituitary
ad- near, toward
-ren- kidney
adren/o- adrenal
acro- highest point; extremity
-megaly enlargement
dwarf- miniature
-ism condition
gigant- giant
pituitar- pituitary
hypo- deficient
pan- all
emac/i- make thin
calc- calcium
cortic- cortisone
-ster- steroid
gluc- glucose
-agon contest
-neo- new
-genesis creation
pancreat- pancreas
glyc- glucose
-emia blood condition
dips- thirst
poly- many, much, excessive
-phag- to eat
-ur- urine
synergist agent or process working together with the action of another
delus- deceive
hallucin- imagination
hom/i- man
cid/e to kill
psych/o- mind
-ical pertaining to
-analysis process to define
-therapy treatment
pyr/o- fire
-mania frenzy
schiz/o- to split, cleave
-phren- mind
bi- two
-pol- pole
con- with
vuls- tear, pull
-phobia fear
unipolar disorder depression
somn- sleep
acro- highest point
agor/a- marketplace
claustr/o- confined space
compuls- drive, compel
hypochondriac person who exaggerates the significance of symptoms
mute silent
noia- to think
su/i- self
klept/o- to steal
narciss- self love
comorbidity presence of two or more diseases at the same time
narc/o- sleep, stupor
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