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Med 104 Mrs. D

Flashcards Ch. 9 &10

epilep- seizure
-tic pertaining to
vuls- tear, pull
con- with, together
electr/o- electricity
encephal/o- brain
-graphy process of recording
diagnost- decision
neur/o- nerve
ict- seizure
surg- operate
-ery process of
-eon one who does
psych/o- soul, mind
-active agent of change
seiz- to grab, convulse
-ory having the function of
sens- feel
nom- law
auto- self
afferent to bring to
efferent to bring away from
ganglion ganglia collection of nerve cell bodies outside of the CNS
para- beside
sym- together
pathet- suffering
peripher- outer part
somat- body
myel- spinal cord
neur/i- nerve
-lemma covering
end- within
-morphin morphine
nor- normal
ser/o- serum, serous
ton- tension
-in chemical compound
syn- together
-apse clasp
cerebr/o- brain
spin- spinal cord
cognition knowledge
glia glue
gila- glue, supportive tissue
oligo- scanty
dendr/o- treelike
cerebell- little brain
cerebrum brain
cortex shell
front- forehead
occipit- back of head
pariet- wall
tempor- temple, side of head
coma deep sleep, trance
thalam- thalamus
thalamus inner room
ventricle belly
ventricul- ventricle
audit- hearing
-ory having the function of
crani- skull, cranium
gloss/o- tongue
pharyng- pharynx
ocul/o- eye
mot- move
-or doer
olfact- smell
cervic- neck
sacr- sacrum
vertebr- vertebra
thorac- chest
conscious- aware
aneurysm dilation
arteri/o- artery
ven- vein
hemi- half
-paresis weakness
pleg- paralysis
thromb/o- clot
-lytic relating to dissolving or destroying
tax- coordination
epilep- seizure
narc/o- stupor
-lepsy seizure
ict- seizure
epilept- seizure
brachy- short
-therapy medical treatment
concuss- shake violently
contus- bruise
-somn- sleep
alges- sensation of pain
esthesi/o- feeling, sensation
esthet- sensation, preception
fac/i- face
mening/i- meninges
mening/o- meninges
cocc- spherical bacterium
myelin- myelin
encephal- brain
myel- spinal cord
troph- nourishment, development
lyze- destroy
-lysis destruction
spondyl- vertebra
toxin- poison
cephal- head
hydr/o- water
muscul- muscle
apex summit or tip
cardi- heart
cardi/o- heart
pulmon- lung
resuscit- revival from apparent death
vascul- blood vessel
diaphor- sweat
cost- rib
steth/o- chest
coron- crown
ischemia lack of blood supply to the tissue
infarction sudden blockage or an artery
necr- death
system- body as a whole
atrium entrance
atri/o- atrium, entrance
ventricul- ventricle
lun- moon
septum partition
ventricle chamber of the heart or brain
rrhythm- rhythm
auscult- listen to
diastole dilation
systole contraction
vers- turn
verter- that which turns
fibrill- small fiber
-ator instrument
plant- insert
palpit- throb
-megaly enlargement
gurgit- flood
-ate pertaining to
sten/o- narrow
ox- oxygen
scler/o- hardness
systole/e- contraction
vol- volume
-emic blood
stern- breastbone
-al pertaining to
genit- bring forth
con- together, with
orth/o- straight
-pnea brethe
drome- running
syn- together
ech/o- sound wave
-plasty formation
angi/o- blood vessel
periph- outer part
-al pertaining to
ven/o- veion
-ous pertaining to
brachi/o arm
poplit/e- back of knee
clav- clavicle
axilla armpit
-ary pertaining to
axill- armpit
-ial pertaining to
capill- hairlike structure
femor- femur
interstit- spaces within tissues
jugul- throat
ped- foot
radi- radius
sphygm/o pulse
man/o- pressure
-meter instrument to measure
vas/o- blood vessel
constrict- narrow`
dilat- open up
aneurysm dilation
edema swelling
-tous pertaining to
edema- swelling, edema
scler/o- hardness
-therapy treatment
-ose full of
embol- plug
thromb/o- clot
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