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Ionic contrast breaks into ions after injection Causes possible nephrotoxicity, cardiovascular reactions and anaphylactic shock
Non-Ionic contrast does NOT break down into ions after injection Less intense burning sensation after injection and fewer reactions accociated
Iodine concentrations for angiography 30-35%
direct stick directly sticking the artery with a needle and injecting through the stick
cut-down surgically exposing a vessel and inserting a catheter
translumbar injcetion direct stick of the aorta using a posteriolateral approach
Seldinger technique percutaneous introduction of a catheter into a vessel
6 steps to the Seldinger Technique 1. insert needle THROUGH the desired artery (usually femoral) 2. pull needle back into the lumen of the artery and withdraw the stylette 3. thread the guidewire through the canula 4. The cannula is removed after the guidewire is in place 5. Catheter i
automatic injector an electronic injector that allows the rate, volume and maximum pressure to be set by the user
serial imaging programmer allows the user to program the number of films per second acquired after injection
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