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History Final

George Washington was the only President to accomplish what in a presidential election? an unanimous vote
Which event challenged George Washington's authority over the nation? Whiskey Rebellion
Which two nations were at war, which subsequently caused major problems for John Adams? England and France
What violated 1st Amendment freedom of the press rights and ultimately became the worst decision of John Adams's presidency? Alien and Sedition Act
What statement of unity did Jefferson make during his inauguration speech? "We are all Federalists, we are all Republic"
What "mega-deal" was Jefferson's defining moment? to buy the Louisiana Purchase
On June 18, 1812 Madison became the first president in United States history to do what? Ask Britain for declaration of war
As part of the Missouri Compromise, which state enters as a free state? Maine
What does the Monroe Doctrine reject? European Countries to immigrate the U.S.
When Henry Clay made a deal with John Quincy Adams (JQA), what office was Henry Clay given? (This was the Corrupt Bargain) Secretary of State
It is possible to look at Andrew Jackson's presidency as a personal war against... a number of individuals
Which Indian nation chose to take Andrew Jackson to the Supreme Court? cheraque tribe
What event came to dominate Polk's administration? Mexican War
What was Lincoln's initial intention regarding slavery? stop the expansion of slavery
Why was Lincoln furious when Union general Freemont freed slaves in Missouri? he was afraid other states would join the Confederacy
Fugitive Slave Law required all citizens to help catch runaways. Anyone who aided a fugitive could be fined or imprisoned
Uncle Tom's Cabin book was written in 1852. Sold 300,000 copies in one year; was a story of slavery in human terms. People viewed slaves differently after they read this book
Bleeding Kansas With proslavery and antislavery forces in Kansas arming themselves, the outbreak of violence became inevitable. In May 1856, 800 slavery supporters attacked the town of Lawrence, the antislavery capital. They sacked the town, burned the hotel and the home
New Political Party (Republicans) antislavery Whigs & Democrats joined forces with Free-Soilers to form the Republican Party. The party was determined to rally "for the established of liberty and the overthrow of the Slave Power". The main message was the Government should ban slavery
Dred Scott case Dred Scott sued his freedom. He claimed he should be free because he had once lived on free soil. Eleven years later, the case reached the Supreme Court. the Court's decision was that Dred Scott was still a slave
Lincoln-Douglas debates Lincoln & Douglas met 7 times. topic was slavery. Could the People of the territory exclude slavery before achieving statehood? D said that the people could exclude slavery by refusing to pass laws protecting slaveowners rights, known Freeport Doctrine
John Brown's raid John Brown believed God had chosen him to punish the proslavery people; Him and his sons ambushed and shot several top slave supporters
Compromise of 1850 President Fillmore persuaded several Whig representatives to abstain- not to cast votes- on measures they opposed. Congress finally passed a series of five separate bills in August and September of 1850.This is known as the Compromise of 1850
Election of 1860 The issue of slavery was seriously discussed and eventually caused a break in the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party nominated Stephen Douglas for the presidency and supported popular sovereignty. Southern Democrats nominated John C. Breckinridge
What army was the Yankees apart of? How many soldiers were in their army? Union; 187,000 soldiers
What army was the Rebels apart of? How many soldiers were in their army? Confederacy; 112,000 soldiers
When Abraham Lincoln issued troops to save the Union, what states joined the Confederacy? Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Arkansas
What four states allowed slavery (These states are known as the border states)? Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland, and Delaware (all apart of the Union)
What was the Union's (the North) three strategies for winning? 1. blockade the Southern ports to prevent them from earning money by exporting cotton 2. intended to gain control of the Mississippi River to cut of the Southern supply lines 3. planned to capture Richmond, Virginia, the Confederate capital
What was the Southern leaders strategy that helped them in battles? They took offensive, moved their armies northward to threaten Washington D.C., hoping to persuade the North it could not win the war
Most soldiers were in what age range? the average age was 25 years old, but about 40% were 21 or younger
What first major battle was fought in northern Virginia- the battle was named after a river nearby. First Battle of Bull Run
What was General Thomas Jefferson's nickname and how did it come about? "Stonewall "Jackson; came from when he was seen holding out heroically "like a stone wall"
Confederates surged forward with a strange, unearthly scream that became known as what? Rebel yell
During the war when the North needed military help, whom did Lincoln appoint as new General? Where did this new general take the army? General George B. McClellan; he took them to the Army of the Potomac
What did the South (Confederates) do to their ships to make them last longer? covered the ships with iron plates; known as the ironclad warship
Who was the general for the North/Union? Ulysses S. Grant
Who was the general for the South/Confederacy? Robert E. Lee
Battle of Shiloh The battle lasted two days, and was the most bloody fightings of the war. Both armies suffered more than 20,000 casualties. the Union forces gained control of Corinth. The North was well on their way to controlling the Mississippi River
What was another important victory, captured by the Union? Who was the main person that captured it? David Farragut captured New Orleans, Louisiana
Who was James E.B. Stuart? Lee's cavalry leader
Who was the Confederate (South) president? Jefferson Davis
Battle of Antietam was the single bloodiest day of the entire war; although both armies suffered heavy losses, neither was destroyed
What did the Emancipation Proclamation state? "all persons held as slaves within any states.. in rebellion against the United States, shall be then, thenceforth, and forever free"
What was the women's part in the war? They worked in factories, became teachers, office workers, salesclerks, government workers, and managed farms
What rose faster in the North than the South? the prices rose, also known as inflation
What two generals won the important victory of Chattanooga, Tennessee? Grant and William Tecumseh Sherman
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