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Social Studies

German and Frankish Vocab

Clans group of families related by blood or marriages
Chieftain the leader of a people or clan
Blood feuds a lengthy conflict between families involving a cycle of retaliatory killings or injury
Oath helpers character witness
Ordeal a way to determine innocence or guilt
Wergeld fines were called this
Wodan god of war, poetry, learning and magic
Thor Wodan's sun, god of thunder
Valhalla a place where you go when you die in combat
Attila ruler of the huns
converted switching to something else
Clovis reunited Franks tribes under one rule
Charles Martel was mayor of the palace, fought at Tours
Charlemagne laid foundation for modern France, Charles the Great
Battle of Tours a battle between the Moors and the Franks won
Created by: Srta_Mellina