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Chap. 12-Vogel


The ability to make something move or change. energy
The energy of motion: going down a slide; a book falling off the shelf kinetic energy
The energy of position: sitting on top of a slide; a book on a shelf potential energy
Another word for burning. combustion
Something in nature that people use. resource
Resource that can be replaced: wind or water renewable resource
Resource that cannot be replaced: coal, gas, oil nonrenewable resource
Coal, oil, and gas are examples of ____________ ____________. fossil fuels
An __________________is an instrument that measures wind energy. anemometer
Most of the Earth's energy comes from the _________. sun
We _____________ ____________when we turn off lights when we leave a room. conserve energy
Besides turning off lights, we can conserve energy by__________ ___________instead of turning on lights. opening curtains
We should ____________paper and other items. recycle
We can conserve water by turning off the water when ___________ _______ ___________. brushing our teeth
We save water when we take ____________ ___________. shorter showers
We can use __________instead of turning up the heat. blankets
Using too much energy will cause the world to ______ ______ ____ _______ _______. run out of fossil fuels
Fossil fuels are ________ _____________. not renewable