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Mass Media Ch 13-15

The person most responsible for creating the fair use doctrine for American copyright law is: Barbara Ringer
The belief that Americans should be allowed to freely express themselves originated with which of the following? First Amendment
The John Peter Zenger case established which of the following? Truth as an absolute defense against libel
The law passed by Congress following the 9/11 attacks which expanded the ability of the FBI to look into people's media use and tap their phones is known as which of the following? USA Patriot act
The definition of libel is which of the following? Any published statement that unjustifiable exposes someone to ridicule or contempt
Truth is not always an effective defense against libel for which of the following reasons? It is not always clear what the truth is
Which of the following cases established that the actual malice standard is libel law applied to public figures as well as public officials? Gertz vs. Roberts
Which of the following did the Supreme Court suggest judges do after overturning the Sam Sheppard conviction? Put a gag order on all participants in the trial
In which of the following cases did the court ruled that a cable news channel could be stopped temporarily from broadcasting tape recordings of conversations between a criminal defendant and his lawyer? United States vs. Noriega
Which of the following cases established that reporters have a legal obligation to keep a verbal promise made to a source? Cohen vs. Cowles Media
Which of the following cases established that reporters have a right to publish truthful information even if it was obtained using deception? Food Lion vs. ABC
Several newspapers were initially prevented from printing the Pentagon Papers through the government's use of which of the following? Prior restraint
In the case of Roth vs. United States, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down which of the following rulings? Obscenity is not protected by the First Amendment
The first U.S. copyright law permitted authors and artists to protect their work for how long? 28 years
The FCC's Equal Time Provision requires that station do which of the following? Give all candidates equal access to non-news air time
Editorial cartoons are generally given a lot of protection from libel for which of the following reasons? They are considered a statement of opinion, neither true nor false
The First Amendment does not protect people from being sued for statements that are which of the following? Libelous
A newspaper ran an article that says a congressman has accepted a number of payments from an oil company. The newspaper defends itself using the legal principles established by which of the following cases? New York Times vs. Sullivan
The grounds for Ms. Gaga's lawsuit would be based on which of the following? Misappropriation
A photographer goes onto private property and takes a picture of a woman sunbathing topless in her backyard. The woman could sue for which of the following? Invasion of privacy-intrusion
The central argument for allowing cameras in the courtroom is which of the following? A trial belongs to the public, not the participants in the trial
The Progressive case demonstrated which of the following? It is difficult for the government to suppress information that people want to make public.
In the Hazelwood case, the Supreme Court made which of the following rulings about high school newspapers: They could be censored at any time because the newspaper was part of a class and not a "public forum."
The case of Morse v. Frederick demonstrated which of the following? High school students can be punished for speech promoting drug use.
The Judith Miller case demonstrated which of the following? Journalists can be sent to jail for refusing to testify before a grand jury.
Are bloggers who report news on their own Web sites protected by the same shield laws that protect journalists? It's hard to tell. The different courts have ruled in different ways.
Net neutrality means: Internet providers can't favor the transmission of content from one site over that of another.
The greatest impact on broadcasting of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 was: a relaxation of ownership rules
The Communications Decency Act was struck down in 1997 because it did which of the following? Limited the First Amendment rights of adults
The term "morals" means which of the following? A religious or philosophical code of behavior
The term "ethics" means which of the following? A rational means of decision making when both alternatives are equally attractive or unattractive
The "golden mean" was Aristotle's notion of which of the following? Ethical behavior comes from striking a balance between excess and defect
John Stuart Mill's philosophy of "utilitarianism" says which of the following? That which is virtuous provides the greatest happiness for the greatest number.
The theory of the "veil of ignorance" means which of the following? Justice is possible when decisions are made without considering the social status of the people involved.
The concept of "tabloid laundering" means which of the following? mainstream "respectable" media report on the stories they see the tabloids and sensational Web sites covering
The term "sensationalism" in journalism means which of the following? Covering events that are lurid and highly emotional
Newspapers ran sensationalistic stories accusing the U.S. president's mother of being a common prostitute during which decade? 1830's
Which of the following newspapers caused a great deal of controversy for running a computer manipulated photo that showed prostitutes in Cuba soliciting tourists while police looked on? Eli Nuevo Herald
The job of an ombudsman is to do which of the following? Represent and take the point of view of the audience
Don Imus was fired from his CBS Radio show for which of the following reasons? He called members of a college women's basketball team a group of "nappy-headed hos."
Car dealers pulled their ads from the San Jose Mercury News after the paper did which of the following? It ran an article about how to negotiate a better deal on a new car.
The public relations firm of Hill and Knowlton was controversial in the 1990s for which of the following? None of the above.
Ethics involve which of the following? Making decisions where no answer seems to be acceptable
A reporter has decided when writing a story that it is necessary to talk to sources on two sides of an issue. When the reporter makes this ethical decision, the reporter is making use of: which of the following? Aristotle's golden mean
A newspaper photographer has taken a disturbing picture of a fatal accident caused by a drunk driver, they are making use of which of the following ethical principles? John Stuart Mill's principle of utility
A reporter has been asked by police not to run a story because it will interfere with an investigation. This reporter is making use of: Kant's Categorical Imperative
The Hutchins Commission believed that which of the following was the greatest threat to American press freedom? Concentrated corporate ownership
Media ethics scholar David Martinson says that journalists most often fail their audience by doing which of the following? Not telling the public when government officials and other news sources are lying
Stephen Glass was able to get away with fabrications in his stories for which of the following reasons? All of the above
The Boston Globe delayed asking journalist Mike Barnicle to resign for making up people and stories in his column for which of the following reasons? He was very popular with readers.
Which of the following would be an example of potential corporate conflict of interest? All of the above
Which is a reason why many of the media reports about the Sago Mine disaster were so wrong about the number of survivors? Journalists wanted the story to turn out with everyone being ok.
Digital editing of news photos is seen as acceptable under which of the following circumstances? When it is similar to what could be done in a traditional darkroom
Which of the following advertisers would be held to the highest standard of truthfulness? An ad that said a pill was the "fastest headache remedy your doctor can prescribe"
Advertisers exert control over media outlets by doing which of the following? All of the above
The purpose of the Family Friendly Forum is which of the following? To promote shows its members won't be embarrassed to advertise on
News about the terror attacks in Mumbai in 2008 broke in the West via which of the following? Social media reports using software such as Twitter sent by people who were nearby
The ______________ theory of the press states that the press should be allowed to print or broadcast anything. People have a right to hear all ideas and decide for themselves what is correct. Libertarian
The ______________ theory of the press states that the press should be as free as possible, but that it also has an obligation to serve the needs of the public at large. Social responsibility
The ______________ theory of the press states that the press should be an instrument of the government to work towards the creation of a perfect state for the workers. Authoritarian
The BBC operates under which of the following? A public service model funded by the government.
Which of the following is the big change that has taken place in Western European television over the last twenty years? There has been a massive increase in the number of commercial stations.
Media in Israel could be characterized as operating under which of the following models? Social responsibility
Al-Jazeera is which of the following? An Arab-language satellite news network that broadcasts out of Qatar.
ARABSAT is which of the following? A broadcast satellite launched by the Arab League
The most watched Arab-language news satellite news channel is which of the following? Radio
Many of Asia's industrializing nations operate under which of the following theories of the press? Development
The community newspaper industry in India is doing which of the following? Growing
Which of the following is true about Japan's broadcasting industry? It is run using a mix of private industry and public service models.
The most popular category of magazines in Japan are ____________. Manga
In 2008, the most dangerous country in the world for journalists was _________. Iraq
The media in the United States are unique in the world for which of the following reasons? Most media in the United States are privately owned.
Canada has laws requiring a given level of Canadian media content for which of the following reasons? All of the above
American movie companies film in Canada in part for which of the following reasons? It is cheaper to film in Canada than in the United States.
Which of the following are true of European newspapers? They tend to have an explicit political point of view
In the Arab Middle East nations which of the following is true? The media are strongly regulated by the government.
In Africa which of the following is true? The print media originally were designed to serve the needs of the white, colonial settlers.
Radio is the most important medium in Africa for which of the following reasons? All of the above
Media developed slowly in the old Soviet Union for which of the following reasons? The country was so big
Over the last thirty years, media in China: have grown massively in their level of availability.
One of the biggest consequences of attacks on journalists around the world is which of the following? That journalists are discouraged from telling stories about the countries where it is too dangerous for them to work
According to Marshall McLuhan, electronic media do which of the following? Help connect people around the world into a global village
Alien and Sedition Acts laws passed in 1798 that made it a crime to criticize the government of the US
libel any published statement that unjustifiably exposes someone to ridicule or contempt
privilege the idea that statements made in government meetings, in court, or in government documents cannot be used as the basis for a libel suit
actual malice a reckless disregard for the truth or falsity of a published account - New York Times Co. v. Sullivan
intrusion invasion of privacy by physical trespass into a space surrounding a person's body or onto property under his or her control
false light invasion of privacy in which a journalist publishes untrue statements that alter a person's public image in a way that he or she cannot control
misappropriation using a person's name or image for commercial purposes without his or her permission
prior restraint a judicial order that stops a media organization form publishing or broadcasting a story or image
shield laws laws that give journalists special protection from having to testify in court about their stories and sources
obscenity sexually explicit material that is legally prohibited from being published
equal time provision an FCC policy that requires broadcast stations to make equivalent amounts of broadcast time available to all candidates running for public office
fairness doctrine a former FCC policy that required television stations to 'afford reasonable opportunity for the discussion of conflicting views on issues of public importance'
net neutrality rules that would require internet service providers to give equal access to all online content providers
Kant's "categorical imperative" said which of the following? You should act as though what you do will become universal law
development theory a theory of appropriate press behavior that states that developing nations may need to implement press controls in order to promote industry, national identity, and partnerships with neighboring nations
small media alternative media such as fax machines, photocopiers, video cameras, which are used to distribute news and info that might be suppressed by the government if published through traditional mass media channels