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world lit 1

Gilgames, oedipus the king,the aeneid

Author unknown
uruk Gilgamesh ruler of
shamash sun god patron god
gilgamesh part man/ god bad or leader transform to hero
Anu father of ishtar
Ishtar love and war fall in love Gilgamesh reject her
Enkidu part beats/ man clad civilized by 6 day 7 night
ninsun mother Gilgamesh/ cow/ wisdom in her dream in to hes dream
gilamesh dream falling star, axe, predit e's arrival
humbaba guideline of forest civil er
bull of heaven fish tator
utnapishtim flood
the story of the flood 6day 7night
Gilgamesh quest for immortality stay awake for week
youth restoring plant/the serpent steal the plant
sophocles playwright
thebes/ the plague where they are 1. crop dying 2.livestock dying 3.women are barren
oedipus/his tragic prophesy king kill his farther & married his mother
king laios father
queen jokasta mother/wife
the sphinx beast save the city
apollo prophet god
kreon best friend/brother in law/ king
mount kithaeron where he soon to die as body
korinth grown up
merope/polybos adopted parents
the shepherd witness lois/ kill was going to kill opieus
the building of Oedipus stab his eye out/ reaction to the thruth
tradgie flaws opedius pride in his intelligence
Virgil author
the Aeneid as propaganda it seek to legitimize the rule of roman empire
Aeneas loyal heroes
juno queen of the god/ farther Carthage
jupiter zeus
venus god of love/ aneas mother
king priam troy
anchise father of ascanisu
ascanius son of anchise
the Greek 3-part strategy horse tendons Simon
Aeneas dream ghost prince hector in Carthage/ mercury come twins
creusa wife who die troy woman
carthage place africa
dido/her passion fire queen of charthge
Created by: stcalhoun2163