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Thomas Jefferson


Why did France want to sell the Louisiana Territory? because Napoleon needed money to finance the War against France.
How much did the US pay for the Louisiana territory? 15 million
What did the territory provide the US? gave cheap land for farmers for future generations and US control of Mississippi and New Orleans.
What was the significance of the purpose? Doubled the US in size and Potentially legal purchase
Why did Jefferson & Congress want an exploration? Wanted to know more about territory.
Who were Lewis & Clark? Lewis- Thomas Jefferson's private secretary (Leader) Clark- Friend of Lewis (co leader)
who was a part of the expedition crew? Lewis and Clark, Sacagawea, York
What valuable data did the expedition collect? Gave us information about people, plants, animals, and geography.
What was the significance of the exploration? Inspired people to move Westward.
What events caused the U.S to think about an embargo? -French and British put trade restrictions on the U.S -Impressment
Define Emnargo Prohibits trade with other countries.
What was the Embargo Act? Stop trade between the U.S and European nations.
What impact did the Embargo Act have on U.S economy? Had a negative Impact
Was the embargo act success? No because it damaged our economy.
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